Helping Others with Their Teaching

by Lilian G. Katz, Ph.D.
Catalog #213
October 1993

Helping Others with Their TeachingContents

  • Introduction
  • Principles for the Selection of Focus
    1. Focus on Teacher's Understandings of the Situation
    2. Focus on Strengthening Desirable Dispositions
    3. Focus on Maintaining Competencies Already Acquired
    4. Focus on Building Long-Term Relationships
    5. Focus on Providing Moderate Amounts of Inspiration
  • General Techniques for Working with Teachers
    1. Maintain an Optimum Distance
    2. Cultivate the Habit of Suspending Judgment
    3. Phrase Suggestions in Experimental Form
    4. Avoid the Temptation to Stop Pattern Behavior
    5. Help Teachers Define Their Job so that Its Objectives Are Achievable
    6. Serve as a Neutralizer of Conflicts
    7. Use Demonstrations of Skills
    8. Share Your Understanding of How a Teacher Sees You
    9. Resist the Temptation to "Use" Teachers
  • Conclusion
  • References

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